Trellis Panels

All our trellis fencing is manufactured in our workshops. Trellis panels create attractive enclosures and screens, they can be used as just topper to regular fencing panels or as a whole structure. There are different options; straight, convex and concave.

Trellis fencing is ideal for climbing plants to grow up, but are equally attractive just used as a screen.

Trellis Panel Sizes   
Sawn Timber Post 100 x 100Sawn Timber Post 100 x 75Sawn Timber Post 75 x 75Sawn Timber Post - Other Sizes
Post 3.0m 100x100

Post 2.7m 100x100

Post 2.4m 100x100

Post 2.1m 100x100

Post 1.8m 100x100
Post 2.7m 100x75

Post 2.4m 100x75

Post 2.1m 100x75

Post 1.8m 100x75
Post 3.0m 75x75

Post 2.7m 75x75

Post 2.4m 75x75

Post 2.1m 75x75

Post 1.8m 75x75
Post 3.0m 125x100

Post 2.7m 125x100

Post 2.1m 150x100

Post 2.1m 150x75

Post 1.8m 150x75