The different types of Palisade boards are used to make what is originally known as picket fencing; a popular. This strong fencing is great if you don't need a great deal of privacy as it's quite open. There are three choices of the pointed, round or square top.

Round TopPointed TopSquare Top
Palisades 900mm 75x19 round top

Palisades 1.20m 75x19 round top

Palisades 1.80m 75x19 round top
Palisades 900mm 75x19 pointed top

Palisades 1.20m 75x19 pointed top

Palisades 1.80m 75x19 pointed top
Palisades 900mm 75x19 square top

Palisades 1.2m 75x19 square top

Palisades 1.8mm 75x19 square top