Buildings are Newton & Frost’s property until full payment is received and can be reclaimed at any time. Deposit/payment in full. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of order. Full payment to be made on confirmation of delivery or your building will be put on hold. If a refund is required a £35 admin fee plus 10% of the building cost will be deducted from the refund or the deposit will not be refunded, whichever is greater. Bases, bearers, Protek/stain/paint, Sadolin Superdec and all accessories are non-refundable.

Delivery only buildings. Delivery to front of property. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide capable assistance to help our driver with the offloading of the building. Newton & Frost Fencing Ltd (NFF Ltd) cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to any property, drives, fixtures, fittings, garden ornaments and plants on delivering the buildings.

Delivery and installation. Please advise our office in advance of any potential hazards/obstructions and/or parking issues e.g. overhead obstructions, walls, hedges, satellite dishes, brick archways overhead cables. If access is not clear or we are unable to install due to an unsuitable base. This will result in a recall charge of £50 plus 10% of the cost of each building.

We do not accept liability for self-installed buildings or any alterations made to the building by the customer. The company will not accept cancellations or returns if the goods have been installed or changed in any way from their original form. Collection of goods will be charged.

We would request that the goods are returned with original packaging if possible and would like to remind you that you have a statutory duty to take care of goods. Newton & Frost Fencing Ltd (NFF Ltd) cannot be held responsible for variations in colour of treated timber. Customer complaints require photographic evidence.

The building components must go around your property not through it. Please remove fence panels or any obstacles as necessary for access. This includes over-hanging trees, arches, wires, gutters, foliage etc. If going through gates, please ensure there is adequate height clearance. These panels and roofs are very heavy. Normally there are only two people on each van. These personnel are employed to install your building and not to rectify your base or access problems. If you have any concerns please call the office.

Delivery date. This is only a guide and may change depending on circumstances beyond our control. (i.e. Breakdowns, Accidents and Adverse weather conditions)

Planning. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check their local planning authority regarding planning permission for their building to be erected.

Newton & Frost Fencing Ltd (NFF Ltd) will not be held responsible for any problems regarding planning permission (if applicable) The height of the buildings may vary according to the building size.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the site is safe and free from obstructions that could cause injury to the persons delivering and/or installing the building.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the completed base is firm, level and of adequate size to take the building and there is also adequate clearance for the roof (The roof is larger than the floor area). It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the ground under any wooden or concrete base is firm enough to take the weight of the base and building.

Platform bases can not have a fall of greater than 6 inches, any base will raise the height of your building. It is the responsibility of the customer to calculate all height restrictions. Newton & Frost Fencing Ltd (NFF Ltd) will not be held responsible for any problems arising due to faulty base work by the purchaser. Platform bases will not be installed on ground with more than a 6 inch fall. All concrete bases or slab bases not to have any shallow or raised areas. Bases may elevate your building. It is the customers responsibility to ensure bases are installed in the correct position and take full responsibility for any planning issues.

Sizes quoted are for the floor area so please allow 300mm around your building due to roof overhang. Remember you may need future access to the sides of your building to treat it. Stainless steel nails are used in the manufacture process where possible. Stainless steel nails may rust or change colour which is beyond our control. Non stainless steel nails and screws may be used on installation of your timber building. Specifications stated will be adhered to as far as possible, but the company reserves the right to make any alterations which may be necessary oradvantageous.

It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to supervise children or any person when playing in, on or around the Wendy Houses.

Felt shingles are not recommended for open or coastal areas. We take no responsibility for damage or lifting of felt shingles once installed by Newton & Frost Fencing Ltd (NFF Ltd) due to adverse weather conditions. Normal felt is recommended in these areas it is recommended that in very open / exposed areas you strap down the building. D.P.C is the customer’s responsibility. It is also the customer’s responsibility to ensure the building is water-tight.

Newton & Frost Fencing Ltd (NFF Ltd) will not return to any problems caused by damp issues regarding inferior water sealants used. Inferior products will allow water penetration that will lead to swollen doors, panels and roof timbers which may swell and pop from the building. We felt our buildings in a way that has been tried and tested by the company for over thirty years. Felt is expensive. To maximize the use of each roll, there will be a join on one side of every building. This will have a large overlap to ensure the join is water tight. Newton & Frost Fencing Ltd (NFF Ltd) will not be responsible for any damage caused by adverse weather conditions. Timber is a natural product, hence the company cannot be held responsible for cracks, shrinkage, knots or movement in our buildings.Pressure treated timber buildings will require maintenance i.e.: Doors, windows joints and seals should be resealed with mastic or sealant then re coated with Sadolin Superdec. Pressure treated timber is porous and requires water proofing regularly. All felt must be checked for deterioration that can lead to leaks. If your sectional building is erected in the rain or damp inclement conditions, you must ensure you leave adequate ventilation to allow the sectional building to dry. Any damage to any building inside or out due to adverse weather conditions (high winds, storms, frosts, snow, rain and extreme heat) will be a chargeable repair to the customer. Failing to ventilate the building whilst timbers are drying out can cause condensation to occur. This will produce drips of water inside the building, which can be mistaken for leaks. Condensation will also occur on the inside of the windows .Leave windows and doors open to air the building on fair weather days. Never use a heater this can cause the building to dry out too quickly and cause cracks and warping, especially the roof. All glass has a 7 day guarantee (i.e.:Greenhouse, Wendy Houses). Customer complaints require photographic evidence.

Interlocking buildings – The cabin is delivered in individual logs in kit form on our lorry and unloaded by hand to the front of your property. We require two persons to assist the driver.

All cabins need to be installed on a flat, level base. The building must be treated as soon as possible. Timber is a natural product, Newton & Frost Fencing Ltd (NFF Ltd). cannot be held responsible for shrinkage, cracks, knot holes and movement in the building. This is beyond our control and can be easily fixed with filler. Occasionally windows and doors may need re-alignment and retreating. If you look after your building properly you should have many years of enjoyment from it.

Your building is a natural product, Newton & Frost Fencing Ltd (NFF Ltd). recommend all untreated buildings are treated inside and out with Protek wood preservative and 3-4 coats of Sadolin Superdec water repellent treatment inside and out. More coats may be deemed necessary. Maintenance should be done on a regular basis, i.e. door and window seals replaced, doors and windows realigned. It is normal for the logs to shrink and expand. Timber windows and doors may need realigning and re-fixing. Please note that Newton & Frost Fencing Ltd (NFF Ltd). cannot be held responsible for items missing 24 hours after delivery. The company may alter these terms and conditions from time to time and post a new version on the website, these supercede all previous versions. It is the customer responsibility to check the latest version of the terms and conditions on the website on a regular basis. The Company recommends printing a copy of the terms and conditions for future reference. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Infracomfort Heat Panel efficiency calculations based upon a 470W panel with an energy price of 14p/kWh, with the heater in operation for 5 hours per day, 180 days a year.

Special offers cannot be used once per customers, only use on special offer per transaction. Free upgrades are only available on applicable models (i.e. a Wentworth Gazebo has no windows and is therefore not eligible for a free toughened glass upgrade)